Wednesday, September 14, 2011

whistle while you work

Juggling work and parenthood is a tricky thing.  Juggling work while parenting is a whole new ball game.  I am blessed beyond belief to have a boss who values the attachment between mother and child, so I am able to bring J to work as much as necessary.  He comes with me as many as four days a week or as few as two, depending on T's work schedule.

I want to ensure that I get all my work done quickly and efficiently, so that my boss continues to allow me to bring J knowing that my productivity is just the same whether or not he is with me.  I also want to ensure that J is getting the right amount of attention and stimulation he would otherwise.  Clearly, I do not want to stunt his development so that I can get work done.

When J naps, I am able to complete many tasks as he gets his (much needed) rest.  However, he takes a brief 45 minute nap at school and sometimes close to 3 hours later in the afternoon.  I would like him to reverse those, but so far I have not had the most success.

The rest of the time, J rolls around on the floor scooting towards his toys or, inevitably, the blinking light on my wireless router.  I try to self-talk about my work as I am doing it and he listens intently.  Thankfully, there are a few staff members popping in throughout the day and he has often traveled to a classroom for community time (i.e. when the children sit together in a group for stories, songs, etc.).

Right now, this is a wonderful situation.  Childcare for infants his age is upwards of 2k a month.  I am just not willing to pay that.  Likewise, breastfeeding is a cinch as I can scoop him into my arms and still use the computer at the same time.

As he gets older, I'm not sure that this will be the best environment.  It will be important that he has peers for social interaction.  He will need an opportunity to move more freely and learn to be (a tad) more independent from me.  I'm just not sure we want to spend our money this way, as this time.  Ideally, we could have a nanny-share with a family whose child is close in age to J.  How about my blogger buddies pair up with me? ;)

As it is in all situations related to parenting - you figure out what works in the now and you adapt as time goes on.  Nothing is static nor should it be.  And for this, I am thankful.

What do you do for childcare?  Does anyone else have the opportunity to bring their child to work?  Would you do this if you were able?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Beachy Keen

This weekend was J's first visit to the ocean.  He has donned his bathing suit only twice before - swimming in the whirlpool bathtub at my parents and taking a quick evening dip in the pool (shaded, lukewarm water).  This trip was his first time listening to the surf, napping in the sand, and smelling tasting saltwater.  

He loved it.

Well, maybe love is a strong word.  Like?  No, that's not quite accurate.

He tolerated it.  Mostly.

On Saturday, we dipped him in the water only to hear a blood-curdling scream.  To his defense, the water was a bit chilly and it took our own breath away.  He expresses it a tad differently.  Making matters worse, I demanded T place him (sitting) in the sand where we spelled out his name.  Predictably, J face planted and enjoyed sand for an early afternoon snack.  He spent the rest of the afternoon napping under the makeshift shelter.

The next day, we were a bit more prepared and/or experienced.  After a quick trip to the store to purchase an actual beach umbrella, we set out.  Placing a tarp under our beach blankets, we avoided a second sand snack when J was rolling around happily.  We were determined to have him enjoy the water, so in we went.  Again, he let out a scream and began to cry.

However, shortly after, we all began to get used to the chilly water and it was fairly enjoyable!  In fact, the tears stopped, and we even captured a smile or two.

The best part of the weekend was ditching our tent and staying in a Marr.iott, lounging on the bed.  I wish every weekend was a beach weekend with my boys.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Owl Pendant Winner!

I totally forgot about this giveaway until I remembered I had something important to do on T's birthday (other than dote on him, pack, and JET off to the beach for the weekend).

Using the number generator, the 39th entry is the winner!

Congratulations, Stephanie from How Sweet It Is!

You can contact me at jet.flying.home(at) to let me know where you wish for me to ship your new necklace! :)

On a side note, giving something away totally sucks.  I was reading through the entries and feeling horrible I couldn't give this necklace away to everyone!