Friday, December 23, 2011

9 months 3 days

9 descriptions of my 9 month old:

1.  Feisty as hell:  No description needed.

2.  Independent: He knows what he wants, when he wants it.  If this need is not met instantly, he pitches a fit.

3.  Silly:  He loves to growl and be chased.  One of his favorite activities is wrestling with his papa.

4.  A bruiser:  Literally.  This cruising business is dangerous.  He currently wears his 2nd(!) shiner.

5.  Active:  Even as he sleeps, this little one moves.  But the moment he wakes up, it's all over.  He goes from deep sleep to rapidly crawling across the room - all within 5 seconds.  

6.  Musician:  When T gets out the guitar, J laughs and claps.  We put him in front of the piano and he goes to town.

7.  Dancer:  Grooving is this baby's thing!  Even the rhythm of the washer makes him stand up to bounce and sway.

8.  Pointer:  He is constantly pointing at everything and saying, "Da?"  I like to pretend he's asking me what something is, so I tell him.  

9.  Lover:  Clearly he loves his mama and papa.  But he loves his cat the mostest.  The poor little kitten has no chance.  I often am running to rescue her from his "love pats" and bear hugs.

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Andrea said...

He is so CUTE! 9 months is an awesome age!