Sunday, October 2, 2011

Don't you, forget about me...

Oh. my. goodness.

Things in this household have been rocked, twisted, and turned upside down!  The lack of posting is only due to me trying to wrap my mind around all the changes.  Some of these are exciting, others challenging, and few have left me in a puddle of my own tears.

1.  J turned 6 months old.  What!?  What happened to my itty-bitty baby boy!?  Half a year old and blowing my mind.

2.  We began Baby-led Weaning, i.e. solid food!  We're sticking to veggies and quinoa.  J's favorite veggies are cucumber and carrots.  He's also fond of kale, spinach, and peppers.

3.  J is crawling.  STFU!  Now he's giving us a run for our money!

4. The sweetest noise in the entire world, only second to J laughing with T is...our new washer!  Thanks to my mother-in-law, we have a brand new, connect to your kitchen sink, take up way to much space, enjoy clean cloth diapers, washer!  It is heaven!

5. We went on an adventure bowling at the White House.  With beer.

6.  J sprouted not one but two new teeth!  They are just about the most adorable teeth ever.  Thankfully, we've had no biting.  And, who can resist a gummy smile with two sprouting teeth!?
This picture is 2 weeks old.  They're much more prominent 
and adorable (hard to believe, I know!) now.

7.  Lastly, and much more will be said about this later, we hired a nanny.  I have been alternating between sobbing about this and feeling empowered.  We will be sharing a nanny with another family and we are excited for J to have a 10 month old boy to share his days.  If only it didn't cost an arm and a leg (and a black market kidney) to pay for it all.  Tomorrow is his first day. 


e and w said...

jet! i have been thinking about you in a stalkerish sort of way...but maybe not so stalkerish since i had no clue you were near me...are you near me? i'm in leesburg. childcare is insanely expensive. i happen to have 3 kidneys and may be forced to part with one soon...

but i see you've had your hands a bit full. holy crap - teeth! crawling?! FOOD?! you must share how the real food poop is going with your cloth diapers. and how is the baby-led weaning? we're pretty sure we'll go that route next month.

this mama is off to bed. email me if you ARE near me :) i would totally get in on your nanny share! ersellers at gmail :)

mestills said...

Quinoa is a great idea! I didn't even think about that. I will have to include that once we start BLW. Glad you have you back posting!

Natalie said...

eh who needs two kidneys anyway :). We also had to sell some kidneys to pay for shit...just kidding, but it feels that way. Jack is crawling too. Luckily he is still slow and doesn't venture too far, but I know it is only a matter of time before I am chasing him around going 'stop! don't touch that! no! please just stop!'. No teeth yet, but he is starting to gnaw on me when he is done nursing. youch! congrats on the washer! yay!

Tayshelton said...

What an eventful time away it's been! I've missed you!! Can't believe he's crawling AND cutting teeth in such a short amount of time. *hugs* said...

How come every other parent has a picture of their kid's first teeth? My kids clamp their mouths shut whenever my finger gets anywhere near them.

J is getting so big!! Congratulations. You are an awesome mama.

and I'm glad you're ok. I was also stalking you :)

Angie said...

I'm glad you are ok.. I have been wondering about u.. ;)

You are one busy momma.. like me!
One they are crawling.. we have to be stuck to them like a gum! ;)