Friday, June 29, 2012

15 months

Shut up.  How did that happen!?  This little person is now 15 months!  He's feisty as hell.  He can throw tantrums like a preschooler, he tosses balls like me a toddler, uses signing to communicate, tries and succeeds at making us laugh, and wears me the f* out!

Sometimes I feel bad looking forward to nighttime.  There are days where I just cannot wait to put him to bed.  On these days, he has either been cranky or rambunctious, defiant or fiercely independent.  And I come to my wits end and pray for evening to come.

But then I lie in my own bed with my laptop or phone and review all of the photos or videos I have of him.  I smile and laugh as my glass fills and runneth over.  I roll over and go to sleep missing him and looking forward to the morning.


eah42 said...

Look at that hair! Goodness gracious is he cute!! :)

Cajun Cowgirl said...

He is so cute! And I do that too after a trying day. Somehow looking back once they are asleep puts things back in perspective.