Saturday, June 30, 2012

wtf, search engines!

Do you check the traffic sources for your blog?  Are you curious from where and how people connect to you?

Every so often, I am interested in how someone stumbles upon my blog.  Today, this is what I found:

#1.  This makes sense.  I have repeatedly discussed how shocked T and I were are that two brown-eyed, brown-haired parents can create such a blondie with blue eyes!

#2.  Seriously?  My guess is that you were span.ked as a child and you have some sort of se.x.ual dysfunction relating physical pain and puni.shment to plea.sure.  Orrrrr you just read 50 Sh.ades of Gr.ey.

#3.  You are awesome!  I hope that you find the answer to staying at home with your child(ren).  You probably won't find any advice here about how to do that, unfortunately.  You might try a different search such as, "How does a family live off of one salary?" or, "best budgeting ideas."  However, welcome!  Stick around and, hell, start a blog!  Maybe you'll be one of the lucky few who can make money off of this.

What gems have you found in your traffic sources or search keywords?
While I am amused by #2, I must admit that I cannot stop shuddering.


J o s e y said...

I just checked my stat counter...
"pregnant 'my boobs are'"
"middle east hospital waiting room"
"enfj manipulation"
"my boobs are growing to fast" (i love the misspelled "to")

WTF? I don't understand how these people got sent to my blog!!

eah42 said...

hmmm. This is really interesting! How in the world do I find out how people are getting to my blog?! It really makes me wonder.

mama foosa said...

Yea I get a ton of strange sexual phrases that make me go hmmmm
but then i remember i talk a lot about poop and sex and weird shit. so there ya go