Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blue-eyed Baby

One of the great joys of pregnancy comes through in the daydreams.  What will our child look like?  Will he have your nose and my ears?  Will he smile like his grandmother or have long toes like his grandfather?

Despite the daydreaming and our knowledge of family dominant traits ("Everyone on our side of the family has a dimple in their left cheek!"), the child rarely looks anything like one could have ever imagined.

Case in point: J.
Eyes - T and I have starkly brown eyes.  J has eyes the blue only seen in the sky on a late-autumn evening.

Hair color - T and I have brown hair.  Mine is a bit lighter and T's hair is quite dark.  J has blonde hair!  (Although, in J's defense, so did T when he was an infant).
Hair texture - All right, clearly this was going to go one way or another.  But I have very thick, fine hair.  T's hair is curly and more textured.  J?  Downy soft and curly.  SWOON.  I am shocked and thankful.  I die over it.

Basically, J is nothing I imagined but everything that makes him a part of us.  And this, my friends, is so incredible.

Were you surprised with the traits that your baby inherited?  
Do you have more than one child? Do they look similar or nothing alike? 
Do tell!


Emily said...

Vicki Jo looks just like her father - round head and face, thick eyebrows (already!), dark blue eyes. I'm not surprised - I thought she looked like him in the ultrasound photos! My mom had three children who looked nothing like her, so I think it's just a family curse. My uncle did tell me Saturday that her nose looks just like mine did as a babe. And her fingernails have the same shape and growth patterns as mine.

erin said...

That's so funny Jet looks so different from you guys! Our Charlotte looks like us-same dark hair and dark eyes. I just wasn't expecting her to have the insane amount of hair that she was born with and still has! It's crazy and I love it! I just wish I knew what to do with it.

stephanie said...

he is sooo cute!! both my girls are spitting images of my husband. they have my nose but beyond that they are ALL him haha

mama foosa said...

aww that curly blonde hair - way too cute.
will's entire family has puppy dog droopy eyes. i figured they were a given so i was shocked when my kid popped out an identical twin to my little brother. ever since, i've been hearing from the mom-in-law what "strong german genes i have" ;)

Stephanie said...

Just came across your blog. Your son is adorable! I just did a comparison post on my blog last week my husband and I's baby pics compared to our daughter. I'm so glad she got his blue eyes (I have brown eyes also). I just wanted a blue eyed, blonde hair baby and I got that. We'll see how long it lasts...I'm your newest follower!