Sunday, January 29, 2012


Now, I'm all for following the child.  We breastfeed on demand, we do not let him cry it out at night, we pick him up and cuddle and respond.  We are committed to not being parents who rush their child or excessively praise him for completing tasks that are developmentally appropriate.  No "good job!" for rolling over.  No "good job!" for learning to crawl.  No "good job!" for learning how to feed himself.  Only "Yes, you're doing it!" or, "You should be proud of yourself!"  Nit-picky?  Probably.  How we're going to continue to parent?  Hell yes.

Here's the dilemma.  WALKING.

J has been pulling himself up to standing since he was nearly 6 months old.  We assumed that he'd not only be walking by 9 months but running!  Well assumptions are just that - ready to be debunked.  Here we are at 10 months and he cruises like a maniac and can stand unassisted when he is distracted.  But walking?  Nope, not yet.

But, man, this boy can bite it!  He can be happily cruising along furniture all lackadaisical.  Then he will remember that he's standing on his own two feet and BAM!  He's not only hit the floor, but his face hit everything on the way down.  2 shiners, my friend, has our child donned in the last 10 months of life.

So no, we will not rush his development.  We will not excessively praise him for things that naturally unfold.

But learning to walk?  In a coordinated fashion?  Sans black eye?  Letting Mama sigh with relief?



Emily said...

Ha! I struggle with this praise problem too. Also, because I have a girl, not constantly having my default be, "You're so beautiful/cute/pretty!" (Although it's what I'm thinking.)

And how funny how children unfold . . . we are still not crawling, at just two weeks younger than J. I went through a freak-out, was reassured by the doctor, and now am satisfied that my house remains sort of put-together and not so dangerous as it will be soon.

Stephanie said...

Aw poor guy. They seem to try so hard when they learn something new, and then the crash or something like that comes and you realize they are still just so little. That's awesome that he's getting up and around though!

Sarah and Derek said...

Hi! I sometimes visit your blog and love your pictures of little J. I had to comment on this post seeing as how my blog yesterday was on Drew's first shiner. It's so hard to see the bruises, but as boys, I think we're going to see a lot more in the future!


Andrea said...

Poor little guy! But OMG those eyes! They are to die for!

Sugardrive said...

OMG! I've missed you, mama! Where have you been? Or where have I been? baby boy is walking?!?!?!?! whoa.

stephanie said...

He'll be walking before you know i! and you'll be {almost} wishing he wasn't! It brings a whole new set of worries ;)