Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bathing a Babe

I recently met up with the mamas from our Hypnobirthing class.  Four out of five of us have given birth, and it is such a great experience to meet up, dine, and love on each other's baby.  What is best about these lunches is that we can ask questions, receive advice, and exchange stories.  On Thursday, we discussed in length our bathing and bedtime routine.  Needless to say, this inspired me to subject J to a gratuitous photo shoot as I bathed him.

To bathe J, we wanted to use soap that was sensitive on his skin but also safe in case he, inevitably, ingests some bubbles.  We love California Baby bath products!  We have compared them to other "green" bathing products but nothing lives up to California Baby.  We suds him up with the body wash and lather him down with the lotion.  He is always so soft and clean after his bath.

The wash cloths we use are from the clothing company Satsuma.  They are made from organic bamboo terrycloth and are just about the softest fabric imaginable.  I'm about to order more wash cloths just for myself!

J's bathtub is a little unusual, considering what is mostly marketed for newborns and infants.  We use the fantastic "European style tub" made by Spa Baby.  What makes this tub so great is that he is submerged in the water throughout the duration of his bath.  As a result, he stays warm and is rarely exposed to the chilly air against his damp skin.  The enclosed design of the tub helps secure J in his instinctive fetal position.  He loves bath time, and I attribute that largely to this tub.  Bonus?  It's environmentally friendly as it is made from 100% recycled, non-toxic, BPA-free plastic!

To dry off after his bath, we use the organic bamboo hooded towels from Little Bamboo Baby.  Bamboo is such a soft and environmentally responsible material that we adore these products.  J looks fairly content, no?

And here he is, relaxing on his microsuede rocking chair, leaning against his soft sheepskin, cozy in pajamas.  He's wearing Carter's Precious Firsts elephant sleeping pajamas.  We love the Precious Firsts clothing line.  Everything is soft, durable, and so cute!  They work well for J's body as he is long and lean, avoiding the problem he has with many outfits that look bizarre due to their width.

Disclaimer: All of the above product reviews are my opinion only.  I have not been compensated by promoting these items. 

What products do you use to help make your bathing routine wonderful?


Shana said...

J is adorable! Hi! Just stopping by. Following you from Super Stalker Sunday Blog Hop. Would love a visit and a follow back on my blog: Thanks! Nice to meet you!

Kortney said...

He is just adorable!! I'm visiting from the Super Stalker Sunday hop! Thanks for linking up with us!! Have a great day!

Kortney's Krazy Life

Emily said...

We love Precious Firsts too!! Same body type - long and lean, so BabyGAP and stuff like that looks like she's trying to show off her cleavage or something (because it pulls down in the crotch and body).

I have to admit that we rarely take a bath. Is that shameful? Maybe once a week. She just doesn't seem to get that dirty. We don't have a baby tub, I just get in with her and hold her on my lap while I wash and rinse. It's been so hot here that cool baths are the only thing that keep us sane after a walk.

LisaWeidknecht said...

omg he is so cute!!!