Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Well...that was interesting.

I had my yearly internal exam with the midwives today.  J joined me as T worked last night and will again tonight, so he needed the day to sleep.  I always love to revisit the birth center and see the group of midwives who were so incredible for my pregnancy and birth.

J, our Midwife E who delivered J, and me (seriously, I was still so swollen) 
at 2 weeks postpartum on April 4, 2011.

As I lay down on the exam table where my dilation was checked just a mere 18 weeks ago, I held my baby close to me.

Shortly thereafter, he began to fuss and root.  There was nothing to do but answer his call.  Yes, I nursed my child as I had an internal exam.  Ah, what you're capable of as a mother (even the small things) is pretty incredible...and bizarre.

Have you ever nursed your baby in an awkward situation?  Do tell!

2 comments: said...

Aww! You are super cute, so is your midwife, and so is your baby!! Yay for cuteness :)

And Yay for nursing during an exam. When I went in for my 6-week exam, my midwife told me I could nurse while she did the exam if Little M started crying. I love that. <3

I'm trying to dredge up the most awkward situation I've nursed in, but I don't know. It feels so normal I don't remember when I did nurse or didn't you know? I guess when Baby T was hollering in the back seat of the car on the way to the airport and I took of my seatbelt, lifted my shirt, and hovered over him with my boob in his mouth.

Amanda said...

I have got to the point where I just do it no matter where we are without thinking twice. However, a couple months ago I went to see my grandmother's choral concert and it was in an old church with wood pews. We were packed in pretty tight. I was next to an elderly gentleman who politely looked away while I nursed my little guy. I think the teens in the balcony got a good peek though.