Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Naps are for the birds

J was giving me his sleepy signals, rubbing his eyes that were slowly turning pink around the edges, wanting to nurse and be cuddled, yawning and sucking on his thumb.  So I took him to the bed, we climbed in together and he nursed with droopy eyes.

When he finished nursing, I crept off the bed and turned around to see that he had already flipped to his belly and was grinning at me.  He started to jabber, do his "push-ups", and kick his legs.  All right, little man.

I left and listened to him talk for 20 minutes.  Each time I walked past his door, as quietly as humanly possible, mind you, he somehow sensed my presence and turned his head.  With a loud shriek he let me know that he was as happy as a clam and would not be taking a nap anytime soon, thankyouverymuch.

45 minutes passed and he was rocking the tummy time.  But now his vocalizing had a bit a fuss at the end, and I knew that today he would not be taking a nap.  Thank goodness he's so cute that I don't mind "rescuing" him and snuggling together.  In my arms and off to the living room we went...and he was asleep.


Melissa said...

Found you on TAT. Jet is absolutely adorable and I'm so glad I'm not the only mom who has a baby that doesn't nap! I secretly enjoy it too:)

kyna... said...

Your boy is so cute! I just read your birth story! Beautiful up until the end...how scary for everyone! So glad everything turned out okay. You have a gorgeous family!

Following you back!

♡ Kyna

Babylicious said...

Lol. I could've written this exactly---that's how so many of our naps go! Their ability to sense a nearly silent parent is uncanny!

Andrew & Danielle said...

Funny how babies sense us looking at them or checking on them! Sneaky little things! Peighton can be the same way!