Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Family of 3 at 4 months

Happy 4 Months, Baby J!

- loves rolling over from his back to his tummy, but sometimes gets frustrated when he forgets how to roll to his back.
- is "creeping" as his grandmama refers to it.  Basically the precursor to crawling (what?!).  He puts his butt in the air and his legs move like he's crawling.  However, he face plants and drags his arms behind him.  He can make it fairly far across the room but leaves himself with wicked rug burn.
- gets so excited when he's standing and prefers this position 95% of the time.  In fact, he would live in his "Johnny Jump Up" or "KidCo go-pod" if I would allow it.
- has learned to yell and will continually yell at his toys as he yanks them to his mouth (or yells at me when he wants to get out of bed in the morning).
- enjoys it most when his Papa plays him music on the guitar (a few recent favs:  Pretty Baby - Elizabeth Mitchell, The Book of Love - Magnetic Fields, Such Great Heights - Postal Service, Empty - Ray LaMontagne).
- is nursing every 3 hours during the day and 5-7 hours at night.
- starts the night off in his own floor bed around 7:30, and joins us in bed around 2ish when he wants to nurse for the first time.
- smiles constantly and is giving us great belly laughs more regularly.
- is generally a low-key, laid back boy.
- has his (late) 4 month appointment next week.  His unofficial weigh-in today was 16 lbs!

- is loving this stay-at-home-mama gig for the summer.  Why can't we be independently wealthy so I can stay home all the time?
- is excited to be attending more mom groups and getting to know more people with babes, including the lovely women from our hypnobirthing class.
- has made it down to pre-pregnancy weight, but is curious to see how the body weight has shifted.  I'd like to get rid of the donut I'm lugging around my waist (and 15 lbs. until goal!).
- loves reading blogs of mamas with infants and young children.  How great that there can be a supportive community online as well as offline?
 - enjoyed the library recently and can't wait to read some great books (future review to come).

- is working a ridiculous amount and is sad that his family time is limited.  We, however, are so hugely thankful his sacrifices allow me to be at home with J.
- doesn't sleep during the day when he is supposed to because he wants to play with his boy.  Reversing the circadian rhythm to work nights is a difficult task.
- travels to the midwest for a bachelor party in a few days.  Just J and I left on the home front.  We will miss him terribly.
- is so attractive when wearing scrubs and holding his baby that it makes me want to have another child (TMI, sorry).


Leontien said...

Glad everyone is doing good!

Hope the rest of the week goes well!!!


Lina said...

I must admit, that last sentence got quite a giggle out of me! :)