Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our Teething Tot

Adam and Eve had many advantages, but the principal one was that they 
escaped teething.
Mark Twain

Well shit.  Other than getting the great news about J's aniscoria last week, Dr. J also confirmed that little man is teething.  Good news all around, no?  Oh, and that he might not even cut his first tooth for another  6 months.  Yikes.

Thankfully, at one of J's baby showers, he was given a baltic amber teething necklace.  Many parents swear that these naturally analgesic necklaces significantly decreased their child's discomfort during teething.  How does it work?  The child's body heat warms the necklace which, in turn, releases succinc acid: an anti-inflamatory known for pain relief.  The acid is absorbed through the child's skin and provides gradual relief.

Real men wear necklaces.

J has only worn it a couple of days this week but has been significantly less fussy on the days where he is wearing it (Read: We remove it when he is sleeping or is not constantly being monitored so as not to pose a choking hazard).  Was he less fussy for any other reason?  Entirely possible, but what's the harm in having him wear this necklace in the off chance it works?

One amused mama, one adorable bucket of fuss.

I can't really say, as of yet, if we have noticed that J's discomfort has lessened after wearing this necklace.  However, I'm all for homeopathic remedies for common aches and pains.  There's no need to dose him with tylenol for the next 6 months if we can find another way to relieve his pain.  Yes, we'll give him medicine when we see the actual tooth coming through, but until then?  Let's hope this works.

How have you/do you deal with teething?  
Has your child ever worn an amber necklace and you noticed a significant difference in his/her behavior?  


mel said...

New follower :) I agree with the alt. options...when my pedi said something about Lexie being on children's Advil for months I told her we'd find another way!

Love the set up of the blog-
also if you have Netflix sesame street streams :)

Sugardrive said...

Hiya Momma! We use amber necklaces with both of the girls, and they are waaaaaaaaay less fussy. We don't use tylenol or any meds, and I really think that the necklaces are a lifesaver!

Not There Yet said...

I have a friend that swears by it and gave us a bracelet at O's baby shower. I think I will put it on his ankle when the time comes....

stephanie said...

I lucked out with my oldest she was the best teether... which was lucky because she got her first TWO teeth at 3-1/2 months old! We never knew she was teething until they popped through her gums, it just never seemed to bother her. Hopefully this baby is as easy :)

About my blog said...

Oh my gosh! That picture of you and Jet is so PRECIOUS!!!! & we have the teething necklace also. Seems to work pretty good!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Hi there. I'm a kids dentist and a blogger:) I could tell you teething is the pits. I'm a new follower from tat. My blog is

Danielle said...

I'm a new follower. We love teething necklaces here! I see a big difference when we forget to put my daughter's back on. Here, we only take them off at bath time to avoid soap build up. At night up can put it around his ankle and put socks on him so you don't lose the necklace. My daughter sleeps better with the amber. I have my own and have used it wrapped around my wrist for hand pain. It really works!
Mama Dani

Jenny said...

I haven't tried a teething necklace with Natalie, but we have used frozen washcloths. She loves them!
Good luck with Mr. Fussy!

Natalie said...

I was just telling Oak how I wanted to get one of these and she called me a hippie. A couple of my friends used them and swear by them. I am glad you're little dude will be sporting one as well.
I got some homeopathic drops. It seems to help a little bit, but could just be a way of distracting Jack from his gums. Washcloths and teething rings in the freezer. That's about all we've tried so far. Hopefully we have a tooth soon, but I can't really feel any coming up yet.

erin said...

I have never even heard of these teething necklaces, but I am going to check it out.

Clayton Thomas said...

Visiting from Voiceboks. I have never heard of this solution but I'll be interested in your take over time. Teething is so tough for young ones and any relief is a good thing!


About Mrs. G said...

I haven't heard of a teething necklace. Hmmm. I'll look it up. I picked up teething pellets at Target today (in the pharmacy) and they seem to be working.
Thanks for linking up today!
new follower.

Katie said...

I think Colin is starting to teethe, but we're not at the awful stage yet. Right now he's just a very drooly boy who likes to chew on things. That necklace is pretty nifty! :)

Luci said...

Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces are the only thing that helped my little one!

I got mine from