Monday, August 8, 2011

SEX (& a thank you)

Now that I got your attention, let me disappoint and inform you it's not going to be that kind of post.  

Let me tell you a story about how we found out the sex of our child.

Upon my 18th week of pregnancy, T and I anxiously awaited our anatomy ultrasound to find out who would be joining our family.  Originally, I was adamant about not finding out the gender but, as we got closer to this ultrasound, curiosity got the best of me.  Conversely, T was ready and willing to find out if he'd have a little man to pamper or little lady to wrestle (intentional reversal).

This was, by far, the best ultrasound we had to date.  We were shown the lobes of J's brain, the 4 chambers of his heart, his bladder (which, by the way, was very prominent.  However, moments later when scanning the area again she almost couldn't see it.  Yes, my boy emptied his bladder in my uterus while we watched.) liver, get the point.  It was only at the very end of this 30 minute ultrasound that the tech asked if we wanted to know our baby's sex.  Yes!  Please!

Let me back up and tell you that this was the end of October.  Fall in these parts (and winter and spring, for that matter) can often be gray and rainy.  This day was no exception.  We'd driven to our appointment in the rain but, despite the dreary day, we had more than our fair share of cheer.

The room where the ultrasound took place was dimly lit and the blinds covering the windows were tightly shut.  We could hear the drizzle lightly beating against the single pane windows.

When the ultrasound tech gently moved her tools toward his lower extremities, she pointed out J's anatomy.  She laughed and told us there was no mistaking that we were going to be the proud parents of a baby boy.

In this exact moment, the rain stopped, the wind blew the clouds open, and the sun shone through the blinds in that ultrasound room.

The SUN shone as we were told we were having a SON.

Then, just as quickly as the rain stopped, the sun disappeared and it began again.

Thanks to everyone for yesterday's feedback.  I'm feeling better and plan to continue to use this space as I originally intended.  As so many of you said and/or implied,  
it is what it is.


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